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Apollo Pro Cleaning: The Meaning of Cleaning Apollo SymbolScotchgard

Apollo can apply Scotchgard™ protector right after cleaning.
With regular vacuuming and the prompt clean-up of spills, Scotchgard™ protector will help maintain that bright, freshly cleaned look for a long time to come.

Scotchgard protector can be applied to most carpets and rugs in your home. Be sure to ask your technician for Scotchgard™!

For long-lasting protection against dirt, spots and spills, ask for Scotchgard™ protector today.

• Carpets will last longer – It is a well-documented fact that soil can cause premature wear to  carpets. Traffic lanes can become a permanent eyesore that can’t be effectively cleaned that result in the carpet is discarded long before it's time. This is a costly and unnecessary mistake. The application of Scotchgard™ along with proper maintenance of the carpet can prevent this premature loss of value.

• Prevents permanent stains – Permanent stains such as wine, Kool-Aid, Popsicles and many more can be prevented from damaging carpet and fabric. When stains become permanent, an entire room of carpet can be ruined. Scotchgard™ is cheap insurance for your carpet.

• Carpet looks better and stays clean longer – If spills and soils can’t penetrate, the carpet will look cleaner longer!

• Carpet cleans better - Scotchgard™ holds liquid and dry soils at bay. Spot cleaning is easy and more effective. Professional cleaning produces much better results.

• Improves Vacuuming - With Scotchgard™ protector working for you, vacuuming is more effective. Vacuuming removes the dirt faster and more thoroughly.

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