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Apollo Pro Cleaning: The Meaning of Cleaning Apollo SymbolFire/Smoke Restoration

A fire can be devastating to the contents of a home or business. With Apollo’s ultrasonic cleaning process, items that are soot and smoke damaged and previously considered a loss by most insurance companies can now be restored! Why face the expense of replacing these potentially costly items when we can restore them for you?

At Apollo, our staff of trained Fire Restoration Specialists can determine the restorability of the contents and the proper method of cleaning these items. The ultrasonic bath touches all surfaces with a deep cleaning action that removes dust and soot from the smallest of crevices.  In addition, we can also clean items that were previously considered difficult, if not impossible, to clean using conventional methods.

Items such as TVs, stereos, computers, fine porcelain and wicker come clean easily. This equals savings for the insurance company because these items can be restored rather than discarded. For the customer, many, if not all, of their sentimental items can be salvaged.

A loss due to fire can be devastating and our goal is to help people get their homes or businesses and their lives back to normal as quickly as possible.

So if you think you’ve lost everything in a fire, call Apollo Professional Cleaning & Restoration Services today – we might prove you wrong!

Categories of Ultrasonically Cleanable Items:

Scheduled and Specialty Items
This category includes items of higher value, which may be scheduled on the policy. These items are usually covered by an addendum to the policy of the insured. These items include but are not limited to jewelry, crystal, china and collectibles. They require an extra measure of care when handling.

General Contents
This category includes the general contents. These items include but are not limited to non-valuable decorative items, figurines, house wares, toys and wicker.

Electronics and Computers
This category encompasses anything that has electrical, electronic, or computer components. These items include but are not limited to computer towers, monitors, keyboards, telephones, power tools, small kitchen appliances, and televisions.

Water Damaged items
This category includes items that may have received additional damage such as corrosion as a result of the humidity in the structure due to the water used to extinguish the fire. These items require additional handling to remove the corrosion.

Mold Contaminated Contents
This category includes items that are mold contaminated and can include items from the previously listed content categories. This type of contamination usually occurs as a result of the moisture in the structure after the fire. These items will require treatment with a Microban solution.

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